Friday, May 17, 2013

Women, you are so precious.

"A gift for me"

by: Ameen Misran

You are gift to me,
a living inspiration for all of humanity.

You are a mother,
you are a sister,
you are a daughter,
you are a wife,
whoever you are,
you will certainly give life.

You were the first one to listen to my maiden cry,
you were the one who raised me without questioning why.

You are the shoulder for me to cry on,
you were the one who corrected me when I went wrong.

You are a gift to me from the start,
how can I not love you with all my heart?

The prophet said "Ashabi kan nujum,"
my companions are like stars,
choose whoever star you want to be and never be doomed!

Be like Khadijah, Aisyah, Hafsah, Safiyyah,
the best women with the best names,
who astounded the world with their fiery flames.

Who says that you are weaklings?
You are no different from us,
you are mujahids, you are martyrs embodied in feministic beings.

You are not created to make hijab tutorials,
you are created to become role models.
You don't deserve to bear a child of an infertile man,
you do not deserve to be taken away by low-life gentlemen.

Your love is too sacred,
only those who are qualified are able to make it.

No poetry in the world can define my feelings when I see you dress up properly,
no word can define how I feel when I see your shyness in preservation but firm courageousness in determination,
you are a blessing in disguise,
you are valuable creations,
priceless manifestations.

Now, I beg you,
you will give never give up,
you will never just quit,
you will never give in,
you will never submit.

You are a gift to me,
a gift to us all of humanity,
The future of Islam is in your hands,
and it begins from where you stand.

Tak sangka Ameen Misran Langit Ilahi berfikiran sepertiku. Cuma poem dia lagi kaw dari aku. Ini edisi sajak aku untuk perempuan yang diukir pada tahun 2011 yang lalu.

Kerana Kau Artisku

Tuntun silang langkahmu,
teratur bak pesisir pasir pantai,
anggun siul tintamu,
menggersik kesopanan.

Hatimu lembut tapi kenyal kental bagai keluli,
air matamu mampu memadamkan api nuklear yang membara,
diammu ubi berisi bukan omong kosong,
bisepmu lembut tapi perkasa bila diuji.

Dikaki ini bukan tempatmu,
kepala ini bukan tempat mu,
lengan ini tempatmu,
dekat dihati untuk dibimbingi dengan agama yang satu.

Kau serikandi,
Kau wirawati,

Ku kagumi pengorbananmu,
ku kagumi kekuatanmu,
ku kagumi ketabahanmu,
kerana kau artisku.

kau artisku,
aku peminat nombor 1,
wahai artisku.

Edisi ke dua anda boleh semak di edisi sajak. Terbaru akan ada edisi ke 3. InsyaAllah.

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